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World Creativity Day 2021: the largest collaborative festival of creativity in the world is coming!

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In view of all the changes that occurred since the pandemic of the new coronavirus, it was necessary to reinvent and rethink everything that has been built so far. It became evident how much we need to have a more creative learning and acquire new skills based on this new context.

World Creativity Day believes that employability and income generation will be the most important causes for us to change the game and, for this reason, it will support the concept defended by the World Economic Forum and will make its creative revolution through education for the new skills that our world needs.

So, in 2021, we all have a great mission together: accelerate the learning revolution through creativity and innovation. World Creativity Day 2021, therefore, will be built to be the largest fair of creative educational and open experiences in the world, driven by this valuable purpose to accelerate the development of human and creative capital with a focus on the top 10 skills for 2025 defined by the World Economic Forum.

In this edition, we will unite our forces with the world even more. With the participation of the 6 continents, 19 countries and more than 120 cities. There will be thousands of activities spread all over the world, building together through action the true creative revolution for the education.

During April 21st and 22nd, we will give a big welcome to creative learning and the development of new skills, with the participation of thousands of inspirers and the main creative schools in the world, who will share their knowledge completely online and free of charge.

All of this will be done through our exclusive World Creativity Day App and on the World Creativity Day Channel on YouTube. To watch the activities through the app, just have to download it.

This edition's program will have something innovative and totally revolutionary. As a major creative educational fair, WCD 2021 Participants will have access to a 100% discount for one of the online courses offered by one of our partner schools, in addition to special discounts on several online courses. 

Yes. Our great mission is the Creative Revolution through Education! And the entire creative educational experience promoted by World Creativity Day will be strongly driven by this valuable purpose, helping to educate the public for online education, developing creativity and new skills, and also collaborating in the requalification of the workforce for the new post-pandemic economy.

Download the World Creativity Day app and don't miss out!

Be a part of the Creative Revolution too!